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Aerial Photography

Copenhagen Helicopter has many years of experience in Aerial Photography, both picture and video. We hold a high-risk permission to fly low-level in Denmark and through experience and knowledge created approved procedures to mitigate such assignments to stay as safe as possible.

Our pilots understand photographers way of thinking and wishes, making the assignment efficient and cost-effective and staying within budget. We fly for both national and international customers.

Examples of previous assignments:

  • Aerial shots of Copenhagen. We know where most buildings are by memory
  • Yearly Copenhagen Poker Run speedboat event, going sometimes +150 mph few feet's above sea level
  • Pictures of merchant ships in Oresund and Great Belt
  • Participate in commercials, shows, movies etc.

Contact us with your needs and thoughts, and in corporation we will solve the assignments in the best and safest way possible.


If you have an assignment with aerial photography or maybe a production, but have no or know no local professional and experient aerial photographer or production team, we have good experience over the years with the following local professional photographers and production teams, for example for French, Japanese, Swedish etc. customers.