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HOD - (Helicopter On Demand)

Stress free travel from door to door - just let us know where you need to travel from and to and we will do all the handling to make it happen.

HOD versus Commercial Airliners: 

  HOD Scheduled Flight
We transport you directly - Address-To-Address: -
Flexibility - we fly when You want to fly: -
No flexibility - You must adapt to the airlines schedule: -
Private cabin, working and talking private possible:
Commercial Flight done under the safest EASA EU OPS standard:
Be online your mobile net at no extra charge during the flight: -
Be online via the airliners wifi, sometimes at extra cost: -
Catering tailored after your choice: -
Catering with limited choice: -
Crowded Airports: -
Long check-in time: -
Long security line: -
Disrupting passengers (traffic in hallway, crying baby etc.): -
Cabin crew disturbing with pushing after sale: - (✓)
Risk of lost luggage: -
Risk of meeting unknown passengers with infectious virus: -
Approx number of human touchpoints: *) 20 up to 700

(✓) = depending on airline.

*) = number of human touchpoints is the amount of things and items, you as a passenger normally come in contact with during a flight that others can have touched such as handrails, elevator buttons, escalators, ticketing kiosks, terminal and plane seating, shared plane armrests, and restroom doors, to name a handful, which can be an important factor during an epidemic situation.


No people and no needs are alike, so each flight is 100% tailored to each customers specific needs and demands. Having in-house access to both helicopter and airplane and a very good network to collegues that we know deliver the same high standard, we are able to take all the best options into account to give you the best solutions possible.

To find out what it will cost to tailor the flight you want, please contact us by phone or email. You might find out that it is not that expensive, when adding everything together including the time and trouble you save in the end.