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Data Input

Total Annual Salary for all passengers onboard: kr.
Appointment start time (entered as decimal number):
Appointment end time(entered as decimal number):
Car distance driven per direction: km.
Time it takes to drive each direction(entered as decimal number): hours
Helicopter distance flown per direction: km.
- For example Roskilde - Aarhus is 140km. per direction  
Scheduled Flight departure timeat starting point (entered as decimal number):
Scheduled Flight arrival time at starting point (entered as decimal number):  
Train departure time at starting point (entered as decimal number):
Train arrival time at starting point (entered as decimal number):
Important: All times must be entered as decimal number, ex. 08:30 = 8,5 or 11:45 = 11,75
Note: Calculations happens on-the-fly as you enter your data.


Informations to Data Input

Total Annual Salaries

  • Total Annual Salaries is where you enter the accumulated annual salaries of all passengers travelling onboard your flight.
  • In this simplified HOD-SIM version average working hours = 45 hours, holiday weeks per year = 4, salary multiplier factor = 40%. If you want to change these parameters, please use our full version of HOD-SIM.
  • Dansk Industri notice that 43% as salary multiplier factor is often needed to cover all employees personal benefits, extra- and social expenses.

Appointment Times

  • Appointment times is where you enter as a decimal number the times your appointment you travel to like a meeting starts and when it ends. So for example time 10:00 is 10,00, time 12:30 is 12,50 and time 14:45 is 14,75.

Car Distance 

  • Car Distance and Time is where you enter the distance and time (as a decimal number) from for example your GPS or Google Maps or KRAK Maps it takes to drive per direction to your destination.

Helicopter Distance 

  • Helicopter Distance is where you enter the distance measured as a direct line from your departure to your destination. Google Maps or KRAK Maps provide such a measuring tool for free. Copenhagen Helicopter is also helpfull to provide this information as well.

Scheduled Flight and Train departure and return times at starting point

  • Here you enter the two times you depart on either a scheduled flight or train from yout starting point to your destination, and also the two times you arrive back at your starting point.

What does HOD-SIM calculate ?


If you have any questions or such incl. questions about HOD-SIM, please fell free to contact us for further.

ver. 2.1 (beta)