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Innovation Lab

We have through our operational history found a need for products and services that does not exist today, that isn't available, or where current standards are insufficient.

With selected partners we seek to explore and where needed develop and produce solutions to each of these needs.

What all projects have in common is they are offspring’s from a need in Aviation but their results are not necessarily limited to Aviation.


Project 1

An infrastructure is needed to evolve helicopter and future eVTOL possibilities in Denmark.

At Copenhagen Helicopter we have previously with success created and managed approved heliports and building a new heliport in Copenhagen and other locations in Denmark is one of our highest priorities.


Project 2

A solution to keep the experience and memories of that unique sightseeing flight forever and shareable with friends and family.

We expect this to be tested and offered in the summer of 2021.


Project 3

A possible electronic solution, which could make the sightseeing experience much greater and as equal for all passengers onboard the same flight.

Further development could include the option to make guidance much better, in all languages, efficient and individual for all passengers on the same flight.


Project 4

A lift for disabled passengers, that is designed light, transportable/foldable, fair priced and simple to operate in a respectful way for the disabled passenger. This idea came about after many years of flying with disabled people, observing the hassle often made with raw manpower lifting the disabled in and out of the seats, recognizing the known potential for especial permanent back injuries of the helper(s) by manual lifting.

This lift will allow disabled passengers to also enjoy flying in helicopters (and small high-wing aircrafts) and get in and out on a landing away from the base as equal as a non-disabled passenger can.

The lift is also expected to be useful in other situations outside aviation for example in cars, vans and trucks, especially in countries that does not offer their disabled citizens an expensive, tailored mobility car/van/truck.


Project 5

A new product currently under development in Europe for hearing protection for dogs, useful onboard aircrafts to protect the dogs hearing from aircraft noise or any other noisy environment.

Useful to lower the massive noise during for example New Years Eve, where many dogs are more sensitive and nervous to fireworks.


Project 6

A new brand and type of building not seen before in Denmark, that is a proven, flexible, scalable, moveable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient building compared to traditional large buildings.


Project 7

A concept of a unique type of aerodynamic lift device for aircrafts, that is based on existing, proven and used technologies but in a combination not seen before, possibly resulting in a very quiet flight.