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COVID 19 Information

COVID 19 information

Last update: October 2020.

Your and our staffs safety not being infected by COVID 19 is very important for us. We follow the Danish and Europeans (EASA) Aviation Authorities rules and recommendation, why the following procedures has been made at Copenhagen Helicopter until further notice to protect us all.

  • We allow booking of the entire helicopter and booking per seat. On flights where you have booked per seat, it is mandatory to wear mask during the entire flight. If you do not have a mask with you, Copenhagen Helicopter will provide you with one for free.
  • Our pilots fly with mask onboard on all flights nomatter who or how many passengers is onboard.
  • We provide good hygene, we cleain all headphones incl. their microphones and any touched surface, buttons, handles etc. after each and every flight.
  • We provide access to hand sanitiser both before and after each flight.
  • We provide good ventilation onboard with fresh air from the outside.
  • We go through an extended safety briefing before each flight.
  • We ask our customers to follow and obey the authorities guidence and recommendations.
  • Should a passenger show symptoms or we get suspision about a risk of infection or a passenger does not follow our and the authorities guidence and recommmendations, we will reject the passenger to fly and offer that passenger a rebooking to fly another day.


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