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Fly & Dine

Fly & Dine is an experience second to none, where you and your company are flown to a restaurant with a service- and gastronomic experience of the best quality.

Please see our HOD page for approx. prices for different locations, among them different Fly & Dine locations marked with orange color.

If you prefer other places than those mentioned below or on the HOD page, just let us know about the place, we can quickly determine if there are suitable landing locations at or near the restaurant. Also if you would like to include extra time, destinations, tours, pitstops etc., we will be more than happy to tailor a bespoke event for you, something we have much experience with utilizing our great network outside aviation.


A few examples of recommendable places we have flown Fly & Dine to.

Dragsholm Slot

The castle has over 800 years of history, a large beautiful garden and kitchen garden, views to the Great Belt (Sejerø bay) and not least a Michelin star in their castle kitchen, which enjoys its geographic location from the Lammefjorden's areas. When the castle kitchen is not open, their bistro is open in a less formal setting but with the same high quality.

The castle can be reached on this website: www.dragsholm-slot.dk


Vejrø is a transformed island where people used to live with agriculture, school, etc.. The island were eventually abandoned as people moved to the mainland. In 2012, a company took over the island and transformed the island into a resort where 2/3 of the island's 155 hectares are organic farming, which supports the island's restaurant and Stella Maris Hotel in Svendborg with food.

The island can only be reached by plane, helicopter or boat and a visit provides a peace of mind from everyday life with its natural tranquility and the island provides a high quality service and dining experience.

The island can be reached on this website: www.vejroe.dk

Stella Maris

Stella Maris was build in 1904 and holds a history of many purposes through time. First as home for Countess Anna-Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn, later a summer residence, school, recreational home, Mission Hotel for Inner Mission and in 2014 as Stella Maris Hotel de Luxe.

The hotel can be reached on this website: www.stellamaris.dk

Tranekær Castle

The Castle dates back to the 13th centtury more than 800 years ago. It is situated on a hill surrounded by a moat. Restaurant General is located outside the castle in an old stable, where dining is happening in each own "horse stall". The kitchen takes inspiration from the castles old 19th century cook book

The restaurant can be reached on this website: http://housepichardt.dk/restaurant-generalen

The castle can be reached on this website: https://tranekaergods.dk